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The Song

“When I heard the demo for the first time, Sofie had just turned 16. I was stunned. How is it possible for a person of that age to create a piece of such depth and insight? I wanted to find out more, understand the story behind the song. As a producer, I always do. One day, as Sofie’s mother (who was by her side throughout the whole process) left the control room, I turned to her and asked: ‘Just wondering… is this a true story?’ ‘Yes’, Sofie smiled. ‘ It happened to a friend of mine.’

That answer struck me. Not only because none of the singer/songwriters I had worked with (including myself), have ever written about something that was beyond their personal experience, but also because it resonated with what I had heard in interviews with successful, young female artists like Billie Eilish or Holly Humberstone.

It struck me, that – and I may be wrong, of course – this sounded like the voice of a new generation: caring critics, willing to both observe and participate in the world as it is here and now.

Peter Schwaiger, Producer

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The Words

I don’t blame you for needing 
Time to grow 
But a piece of me cracked 
When you said you needed to do it alone 
When I fractured 
You held me together 
I wanted to 
Return the favor 
The stars all keep me company 
As I sit on my own

Wishing I 
Could turn back time
To that summer night 
You were my selenite 
The time was wrong but you were right
For me

Since we’ve parted 
You’ve left me with pain
A knife carves at the memories 
Of you in my brain 
You don’t realize 
You are my safe space
Our parting 
Left me in a dark place
Maybe one day 
When you’re in a better state

You and I 
Can turn back time
To that night
You’ll be my selenite
With you everything’s alright 

I wish I 
Could turn back time 
To that night 
And stay there for life
With you by my side
My selenite 
You’ll be mine


18-year-old American/Danish singer-songwriter Sofie Mathiasen was born in Austria, but grew up in Colombia and Brazil. Back in Austria, she graduated from Vienna International School – an art-affine institution that produced talents like Arrie Krista and others. She is currently studying music at the Royal Academy Of Music in Aarhus, Denmark.

Sofie is inspired by artists like Alec Benjamin, Billie Eilish, Sabrina Carpenter, Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, UPSAHL and Lana Del Rey, but she’s also keen on pursuing her very own sound and vision.

“Selenite” is her third single. She is currently working on her first EP (including her songs “Magnetic Love“, “Before We Say Goodbye“, “Sindy” and “Smile“).

Sofie gave her stage debut in April 2023 as a supporting artist for Oskar Haag at one of the concerts of his Lullaby tour.

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